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So often we find ourselves in resistance to the dark.

We look outside and see the world is on fire. Many of us have experienced this fire in our own lives as well, as we witnessed what was familiar and dear to us burn down to the ground in the past few years of great change here on Earth.

We wonder how to cope with these feelings that have been revealed inside of us… the fear, the confusion and this uncomfortable contact with our deeply repressed pain.

We reach a choice point - we can bury these broken parts back down inside of us and pretend they never surfaced, numbing our

discomfort by forcing ourselves to act like everything is okay.

Or we can choose to finally face those demons inside of us,

reclaim our power from the pain that plagues us,

and finally heal and find freedom.

I see the dark as a divine opportunity.

In the turmoil, we are given the opportunity to become whole

in ways we never dreamt was possible.

“From the darkness, there must come out the light,”

as the prophet Bob Marley once sang to us.

I feel that now, in this incredibly pivotal moment, it is the time for us to make use of all of the dark that is surfacing within us, and take this tremendous alchemical opportunity to heal - and one by one, create Heaven on Earth together.

Your Power, Truth and Feminine Radiance are inside your Womb waiting to be embodied.

In my experience, Womb Work is one of the most potent and radically transformational ways that this inner alchemy can be accomplished - a way that we as women can reclaim the fullness of who we are, embody our power and impact the world around us.

The womb is the source of a woman’s creativity and power.

Of course, this is the place where a child is conceived but it is also the energetic center which births all of our desires into our lives - from our dreams and creative projects to abundance and healthy relationships.

The womb is also where much of our accrued trauma lands in our bodies, in the “basement” of the lower chakras, hidden away from the conscious mind. It stores our unprocessed hurts, pains, betrayals and wounds, the root causes of much of the unhappiness and dysfunction we experience in our lives.

The sacral, where the womb is located, is the locus point of our sexuality, our life force energy, our creativity, emotional balance, ancestral patterns and our relationship dynamics. It is also an interdimensional portal to other realms, that welcomes new souls into our physical reality.

Butterfly Watercolor Element

As you can imagine, this is a very complex and incredibly powerful place for us as women. It holds the potential for our greatest creativity, embodiment and power, while also being the place that holds the depths of all of our darkness and shadows. And it is this polarity of light and dark that gives us the opportunity to experience the highest and most profound levels of inner alchemy, that transforms our lives from the inside out.

The womb gives us a direct access point to integrate all of our pain and shadows as well as activate and reclaim the full scope of our feminine power and creativity.

When a woman has embodied her womb space, she is anchored into her body and the Earth. She can feel the certainty and the depth of her inner knowing and intuition. Her truth resounds inside her like a bell. Her life is a beautiful, joyful reflection of the pristine energy she has cultivated in her womb through the inner alchemy of integrating and healing her wounds along with stoking the fire of her Life Force Energy. She knows who she is, the value of what she brings to the world and she embodies

the radiance of her soul.

I believe that healing through Womb Work is one of the most profound and radical things we can do as women - for ourselves, our families, our partners and the collective.

It gives us the power we need to change the world.

Journey into the depths of the womb space to reclaim the true essence of who you are.

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Shamanic Womb Healing Session (1 hour)

Butterfly Package - 3 Sessions




  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Healing family and ancestral trauma
  • Healing heartbreak and relationship dysfunction
  • Activating creativity
  • Overcoming cycles of poverty
  • Overcoming low self esteem and self worth

  • Restoring your connection to your Life Force Energy
  • Restoring the fullness of your pleasure and sexuality
  • Reconnecting to the richness of Life
  • Embodying your feminine essence
  • Embodying your power as a woman
  • Embodying your own magic

Pink Floral Intricate Abstract Foliage
Pink Floral Intricate Abstract Foliage
Pink Floral Intricate Abstract Foliage

Feminine Embodiment Sessions

The wisdom of the Feminine is found in the body.

There are so many reasons why women end up disassociated and disconnected from their own bodies, and so many reasons why we unconsciously reject and deny our own femininity.

Many of us end up feeling numb, like somehow our bodies are not us, but rather these fleshy suits we are dragging around with us. We lose touch with our sensual nature and the free, authentic

expression of our holy sexuality.

The truth is, our bodies are the earthly reflection of our true divine essence - our temples made of Earth and the elements, that house our souls during our precious short time

here on Earth.

For women on the Feminine path, we find ourselves in a process of “descension” - consciously coming down into the body rather than the masculine ascending path of up and out. When our souls/higher selves are able to fully inhabit our bodies, we become super powered - we become who we really are.

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Our bodies are the way we experience the sensuality of life on Earth - the pleasure, the pain and everything in between, that act as guiding forces in our lives. Our bodies are the vehicles of our soul expression, dharma (life purpose) and creativity.

And there are so many reasons why our souls are not able to fully land in our bodies. It can be anything from physical and sexual trauma, feminine ancestral trauma, toxic perceptions of what it means to be a woman or to be feminine, sexual objectification of the body, self criticism and self hatred projected onto the body, religious programming that rejects the body and sexuality as sinful and grotesque, the Mother Wound - and many other reasons, which lead to a subconscious severing of our relationship to our bodies and the feminine.

But all of these things can be overcome, healed and integrated

to return you to your organic natural state of joy to be you, in your body.

It is your birthright to feel safe, at home and at peace in your own body.

You truly can be liberated from all of the things that keep you in a state of pain, fear and disconnection - you truly CAN be in love with the wonder that is your physical vessel.

Going through this journey myself, along with womb work, has been the most radical and liberating experience of my life, and I would love to assist you on your own journey into greater embodiment.

In these sessions we will work to clear ALL blocks that keep you from experiencing complete love of your physical embodiment. Let yourself fully SHINE by coming into full acceptance and love of who you are.

1 Hour Session

3 Session Package



*These sessions are for women and also for people that identify as trans and are looking for healing support in embracing their bodies.


Imari began to wake up in her early twenties from various catalyzing factors, like classical yoga, dancing all night, and massive heartbreak. Previous perceptions of reality fell down around her, as her heart opened and her energy started to come online. She realized more and more that she could feel and sense the depth of life beyond the physical, and she became more and more aware of all of the numb and disconnected parts inside of her in need of healing. She set out on her path determined to finally unblock her creativity and experience Love the way she knew it was supposed to be.

After several years of shamanic exploration in various traditions, she finally found her home in the Feminine during an incredible four year Dark Night of the Soul, which cracked her open in ways she could never imagine, and allowed her to access her core essence and divine truth. She is an artist, a singer, and a healer, devoted to being of service to the Divine Mother and Divine Father in all ways.

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